Guide to production equipment automation

We propose automation and robotic operation solutions for
processes which are not achievable with conventional equipment.
We will realize your ideas for production plant deployment with
unified support for everything from proposal through design
and manufacturing to maintenance.

  •  Guide to production equipment automation
We propose factory automation tailored to the customer’s situation.

Our Advanced Automation Group provides everything about production line automation and robot deployment, from concept development through equipment design, manufacturing, test operation, and technical support.
We raise the capacity of production equipment through FA, in long-term plant management or in process or device units. Even if there is no written specification, we can make on-site investigations and produce equipment to match the customer’s situation.
Even if you have given up on a project as too difficult for FA, start by consulting us.

We propose factory automation tailored to the customer’s situation.
Our abundant expertise and advanced technology solve the problems our customers face.
  • One-stop engineering

    One-stop engineering

    If you have a problem with automation, we can support you on a one-stop basis, from studying the production plant concept through to construction and trial operation.

  • Fabricating AGC’s domestic and overseas production equipment

    Fabricating AGC’s domestic and overseas production equipment

    Since our foundation, we have been making production plant for the domestic and overseas factories of AGC and Group companies. High-precision control using motion control is one of our specialties.

  • Proposals based on risk assessment

    Proposals based on risk assessment

    Based on the risk assessment to "prevent or minimize accidents due to equipment", we propose safe automated equipment on both the mechanical and electrical sides.

The strengths we can provide

We can produce equipment that our competitors cannot, which builds in the customer’s wishes to the fullest possible extent.
We meet your needs for the plant you really want, which cannot be achieved with your existing equipment.

  • Concept
    • ・Engineering analysis
    • ・Procedure analysis
    • ・FS material provision
  • Design
    • ・Risk assessment
    • ・Overall optimized design
  • Procurement and device and plant fabrication
    • ・Fabrication management
    • ・Standalone trial operation of devices
  • Construction
    • ・Installation works
    • ・Electrical wiring works
  • Trial operation
    • ・I/O check
    • ・Function check
    • ・Line linkage check
    • ・Production check

We take responsibility for every stage, from the initial consultation through specification determination, procurement, installation, and trial operation. Our staff of mechanical (hardware) and electrical (software) engineers allow us to design equipment with no waste or stress in its mechanisms or its operation. We can also add functions to existing equipment at the stages of material input, processing, inspection, output, etc.
We make full use of the motion control we developed jointly with an electrical equipment manufacturer, to control equipment through complex movements.
Start by telling us what you need for your production plant.

Introduction examples and applications

We have already supported the automation of production equipment in a diverse range of facilities.
Here are some examples of the FA systems we have deployed, and their applications.

In our production management and execution systems, we bring diverse types of information that previously went unseen into the IoT, by tracing the production situation and managing lots. Other than visualizing information from various network-connected sensors and actuators and warehouse inventory information, we ensure product traceability through production processes. We can also share information on matters such as production situations and equipment operation.
Depending on the system operation method, we can also provide mixed-flow production with setting information tailored to production lots and management of recipes, and the issue of production instructions from tablet terminals.


Even if the customer’s owned equipment includes devices that are out of production, we can update PLC to current products to maintain functions, performance, productivity, quality, ease of maintenance, and other attributes. Applying our abundant experience and knowledge, we can provide retrofits that shorten line stoppage time and minimize costs.
We can also provide faster computation and network transfers, higher precision (high resolution), and better logging and debugging functions.

One thing that could impede automation is what you might call “our company’s unique tricks”, which are difficult to reproduce with existing equipment. This includes processes which requires skilled techniques and unavoidable work by hand, and manufacturing methods that have been assembled over many years and can’t be expressed in words.
Our engineers, well versed in manufacturing and production technologies, provide production equipment that realizes the things your company really cares about. Rather than your company conforming to a manufacturer’s specs, we provide devices tailored to your situation, to find solutions for things you could never do before.