Procurement & Trading

We provide solutions and proposals about procuring equipment
and materials to the customer by knowledge and ideas gaining
through experience in plant construction and maintenance works of
AGC group companies worldwide over three decades.

  •  Procurement & Trading

Business Overview

Procurement & Trading Group

Procurement & Trading group with extensive procument capabilities and experienced human resources provides consultation and support of overseas logistics service based on trading equipment and materials with AGC group companies.

Business Overview

FONTEX™ Plastic Optical Fiber

  • Wクラッド構造

    Optical signal can be transmitted when FONTEX cable is bended or Knotted, although ordinary quartz cable can not be used in same condition.

  • 材料分散から計算した伝送速度のポテンシャル

    Optical signal transmit speed is faster than ordinary quartz cable


Coordinating international logistics with equipment and materials trading functions

Procurement & Trading group has much experience of international logistics by trading with AGC group companies overseas over three decades.

  • Experienced staff with high skill conducts various type of international logistics.
  • Export Knowhow with highly proficient and communication skills.
  • Responding quickly to problems as a member of AGC group
  • Procurement capabilities taking advantage of scale merit as a member of AGC group
We want to deliver equipment, materials, and parts around the world, safely and by the quickest and cheapest ways!