Embodying ideas with engineering

With abundant experience and technology built up through plant construction,
we provide our customers with total support, adapt to their needs.

  • start up planning
  • Consulting
  • Basic design and design detail
  • Procurement and construction
  •  Embodying ideas with architectural design
Engineers who gained experience through AGC group's plant-construction respond to any needs on building.

As part of the AGC Group, Building Engineering Group has been contributing to a diverse range of worldwide projects.
In the technological innobathins advance, we deliver technical strength, based on design with consideration for product line and energy-saving proposals, and we extend to total support for the planning, design.

Construction consultants

Factory construction management in collaboration with customers, in domestic and overseas

We draw up basic plans and specifications for new factory construction and refurbishment, and supervise to select contractors, inspect estimates, design and construction.

Energy-saving proposals

Make the most of existing facilities that are still not worn out

We use energy consumption data and other means to investigate the customer’s owned equipment and systems, We propose the ideal energy cost reduction options after investigation, the equipment and systems.

Clean room planning

Optimum clean room enviroment proposal

There are many kinds of clean environment, to suit diverse applications. We design and install optimum clean rooms, to minimize energy losses while fully satisfying functional requirements.



At each phase of the customer’s project, from plan formulation through design to construction, we strive for maximum cost reductions through VE/CD proposals, and work with the customer to study various project conditions.

Support for business plan formulation We assist with tasks such as location surveys, budgeting (feasibility study), and master process formulation, to support business plan formulation.
Basic plan Based on business plans, we produce not just the words but also simple diagrams and specifications to embody customer’s ideas.
Support for contractor selection and contract agreement We help the customer through the screening and contracting of reasonably-priced and trustworthy contractors.
Design supervision We guide construction contractors in processes, quality, and safety management, to get closer to the customer’s intended performance and quality.
After-sales service We provide post-completion building diagnosis on the customer’s behalf, so that the building can be used with peace of mind.