The whole company works as one, to support our customersf business with technology, ideas, and service Comprehensive engineering ability with global reach delivers high value to exceed expectations,  and contributes to the progress of regional society.AGC Technology Solutions Engineering (Glass / Science / Environment / Construction consulting / FA / Energy / Procurement sales / IT)

 Business guide

  • We have much experience about import and export of equipment and materials used for glass and chemical industries.

  • We handle engineering of equipment and glass furnace for architectural and display glass manufacturing plant on AGC group, and we support all stages from design through to construction supervision of sheet glass manufacturing plant included glass furnace in engineering business.

  • We provide production equipment for automotive glass and its tools as a one-stop service from design to procurement and manufacturing.We also support for electronics-related equipment.

  • We contract for tasks from design through manufacturing, commissioning, and transfer on systems for automation, labor saving, and computer control in glass production lines.

  • We are a one-stop provider of support for equipment design through to commissioning of plant construction and associated equipment and devices.
    We also make proposals for operational improvements for existing equipment.

  • These are our overseas sites, which support the building of glass manufacturing plants in Japan and around the world.