GL™Glass Lined Piping System
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GL™ (GL™ and GLP™) characteristics Characteristic

GL has exellent corrosion resistance to any acid substances except for hydrofluoric acid.
The below charts show GL corrosion-proof performance with major acid substances and water.

※ Generally, glass has resistance to acid substances. However, it may be corroded by boiled water, steam,alkaline, and alkaline substances depending on the operating conditions.
Please contact with us if using the above materials for testing, trial operation and cleaning.

※ Regarding the ceramic lined parts of spacers (SP) and blind flanges (CF), usage temperature limit of corrosion resistance is 150℃ or less.

●Operating temperature
Standard GL: -15~150℃ (depending on fluid type)
There are practical examples -45~+250℃
(depending on materials and gaskets)
●Thermal shock
Thermal shock: Up to 70℃.
*Please avoid from rapid heating or cooling.
●Pressure capacity
Maximum allowable operating pressure of GL is up to 0.98Mpa(10kgf/cm2).
Please contact with us when using in excess of the above pressure.
●Bending stress
GL 3/4B Pipe is durable up to 4.9kN by Amsler testing machine(400mm).
GL is not broken when steel ball(175g) is dropped from the height of 600mm.
*GL is much stronger than general glass, but please pay attention to impact while transportation and installation.

GL™ (GL™ and GLP™) specification specification

●Flange types
ANSI 150Lb type
JIS 10K type
●Base material
Straight pipe SGP + SS400 (JIS)
Fittings(standard) SGP + SS400 (JIS)
●Between joint faces
ANSI 150Lb type

GL™ (GL™ and GLP™) important point important point

  • ●GL (GL, GLP) is lined inside surface of steel pipes, so it can be difficult to recognize differences with ordinary steel pipes from the appearance. Therefore, unexpected glass breakage may occur. Basically, please pay attention to handle the pipes correctly. Please avoid from external impact, bending, tension, compression and fire.
  • ●Product specifications are subject to change without any notice.
  • ●Some products in the catalog are subject to the Export Trade Control Order, so please contact with us when you have a plan to export GL.