Management Policy

- Contribute to our customers: The whole company works as one to support our customers’ business with technologies, ideas, and services. - Contribute to society: Our comprehensive engineering ability with global reach delivers high value to exceed expectations, and contributes to the progress of regional society. - Grow together with our employees: As we grow together with all our Group employees, we develop our business that it is worthwhile work and that we are proud of.

Seven Values

  • ●Be the expert and the driving force, aiming for No.1 in each area
  • ●Exert comprehensive organizational strength, with everyone coming together to get the job done
  • ●Act spontaneously and take on challenges that extend beyond role boundaries
  • ●Look outwards, constantly working to improve, to raise speed and quality
  • ●Work as one team, for mutual harmony and benefit
  • ●Always add value
  • ●Always create value

Base of corporate activities

  • ●Fulfill social responsibility through fair and decent corporate activities
  • ●Safety, environment, quality and compliance are prerequisites for business

Acting with Integrity

Corporate Information