Sales & Trading Group

We can make proposals in procurement and delivery for
our customers, using abundant expertise and experience
through working on plant construction and maintenance
for AGC Group companies.

  •  Sales & Trading Group

Business Overview

FA System Solution Team

We mainly handle the equipment and materials procurement work for FA deployment, which targets the factories around the world of AGC Group companies.
And our original web sales system helps to optimize the procurement of equipment and materials.

Export Sales Team

We can apply procurement and sales functions (as a trading company for equipment and materials) for consumables and spare parts for our AGC Group companies.
Its expertise in international logistics enables it to coordinate logistics and provide consulting. It also uses its characteristics procurement and sales functions, personnel, and infrastructure, etc. to the full, to provide speedy support for realizing global quality.

Business Overview

FONTEX™ Plastic Optical Fiber

  • Wクラッド構造

    FONTEX is able to function even when knotted or bent while existing Silica Optical Fibers is not able to.

  • 材料分散から計算した伝送速度のポテンシャル

    Therefore, FONTEX is the reliable and safe optical fiber which is capable of stable high-speed data transmission, even with a certain level of rough treatment.


Coordinating international logistics with equipment and materials trading functions

The Export Sales Team has a track record of over 20 years in import/export operations for AGC factories around the world.
As a professional team in international logistics, we use our accumulated expertise to develop unique equipment and materials trading company functions.

  • The ability of individuals to handle complex, high-volume projects with high-quality work
  • Advanced overseas trading operations Know-How and communications skills
  • The dynamism and emergency response ability of the AGC Group as One Team
  • Material procurement ability using the strength of the Group
We want to deliver equipment, materials, and parts around the world, safely and by the quickest and cheapest ways!