Company Profile

AGC Technology Solutions Co., Ltd. (ATSC) was established in 1987 with
100% investment from AGC Inc.
Since then, we have been raising our levels of specialization and executive
ability, while building overseas glass manufacturing plants and accumulating
a rich body of technology and experience.

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 Corporate Information

AGC TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS CO., LTD. was established for AGC’s spare parts controller in Dec.1987. AGC TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS extended our business to constructing overseas glass plant.
Then our business was spread out for the world wide customers in the field of glass manufacturing, glass fabrication, civil engineering, DCS (Distributed Control System), instrumentation and motion control system (multiple servo motor control).

  • As a wholly-owned subsidiary of the glass manufacturer AGC Inc., we have been working in engineering, with the emphasis on glass manufacturing plant.

  • Here we introduce our mission and vision as an engineering company involved with glass manufacturing plant.

  • A company profile of AGC Technology Solutions Co., Ltd. Headquartered in Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture, we are extending our business worldwide.

  • We have organized groups to match the equipment and technologies we handle, to deliver highly-specialized services.

  • We work closely with our overseas affiliates in Thailand and China. We will support your company’s global expansion.

  • To provide our customers with dependable equipment and technology ― Check our quality assurance measures here.