Flat Glass and Electronic Glass Engineering Business Divison

We provide total engineering service from design to construction supervision
for the flat glass and electronics glass manufacturing plant,
equipment and glass furnace, etc. used in plants that manufacture glass substrates
for flat panel displays (FPD).

  •  Flat Glass and Electronic Glass Engineering Business Divison

事業内容  Business Overview

Material Glass Engineering Group/Fabricated Glass Engineering Group

  • ● Planning, design, and equipment procurement (domestic and overseas) for cold repair (regular repair) of flat glass and electronic glass manufacturing plant, and on-site support for construction and startup
  • ● Planning, design, equipment procurement, and on-site support for installation and commissioning for flat glass and electronic glass processing lines
This group provides end-to-end support for construction plan formulation, equipment and materials procurement, construction supervision, and commissioning of existing equipment and production lines for glass manufacturing processes. This work covers plant and systems for the manufacturing of glass plate materials, mainly for building and display applications, in AGC Group-related companies. Using our high-level engineering abilities, backed by abundant experience, we contribute to the glass manufacturing operations of the AGC Group.

Glass Furnace Engineering Group

  • ● Including design and drawing production for refractory parts, refractory material procurement, installation works, etc.
    This pro contracting team handles everything from design to installation of glass kilns.
We are a specialist team within the AGC Group which is responsible for the Group’s refractories business.
Our roles include the design of furnaces and preparation of the respective drawings, the procurement of refractories and installation/bricklaying services.
The advantages we offer are our design and drawing expertise based on 3D-modelling and the vast experience of the many glass furnace projects which we have been involved with. This means that we are able to offer proposals to our customers of the ways in which the design and operation of each furnace can be improved.

特徴  Feature

  • ● We handle cold repair and construction projects for AGC Group-affiliated companies (mainly overseas).
  • ● Our engineering group specializes in production technology for glass manufacturing plant.
  • ● This group collaborates with AGC Group companies in Japan and overseas to determine plans and specifications and produce designs, or it sources designed projects from Japan or third countries, commissioning and supervising manufacturing.
  • ● We support local manufacturing, installation, and commissioning processes, and contribute to the glass manufacturing business by getting glass production off to a smooth start.